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New Vision Tour is the foremost luxury travel company delivering inspiring experiences in the Indochinese greatest destinations. With expertise not only luxury but also culture, history and people as well, New Vision Tour reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond the research of any other travel company.


New Vision Tour - your access to exclusive services and products


We offer free travel planning services for custom-designed independent vacations. It means that your travels will be highly personalized to your specific desires by a foremost expert with no payment being made before you decide to book with us and that you will be recognized as one of the most prestigious guests in the world with all the privileged access, perks and service that implies.


We will help you plan a vacation that exceeds your expectations. When creating a customized itinerary in exotic and fascinating destinations or selecting the best hotels, cruises, tours, the dedication to our esteemed clientele and keen attention to detail insures you will have extraordinary travel experiences.


Quality of service assurance


Providing reliable services plays an extremely important role in making our success and reputation. Thus, for all kinds of tour, group tours or individual tours, we provide a unique, professional and complete service for all your travel and tour requirements. Every aspect of your tour such as local guides, accommodation and rental transportations are all at the highest standards and value for your money, carefully monitored by New Vision Tour to ensure your safety and satisfaction. At all destinations we provide qualified drivers and guides. You are guaranteed to be served more than what you have expected. As an industry’s leading luxury Travel Company and operator, we guarantee the best rates for the quality level of our services.


Specialists in your art of travel


You want to travel your way, we are experts at making independent arrangements. When it comes to discovering the world, the possibilities are endless. Tell us what personal touches you would like to add, and we’ll fine-tune your vacation to make it your own.


Whatever your interests and whatever you come to Indochina, we know and have the locations and venues at our fingertips and the passion and experience to give you the perfect vacation or business trip you deserve. You will enjoy a total flexibility during your journey because every journey is tailored to your personal requirements. You go and do exactly what you want. So, take your next vacation in Indochina and entrust us with your time and we will show you in comfort and style the very best this area has to offer, whilst keeping you safe and entertained!


Our added extras


You can benefit from the strength of our relationships with the finest hotels, cruise lines in the region making us different, while enjoying a large amount of exclusive rates, complimentary upgrades, free breakfasts, and amenities selected by each hotel’s management that will enhance your stay.


Team of specialists


At New Vision Tour, you will be taken care by a Team in which every member gains comprehensive knowledge of the Indochina travel.   They regularly travel to our destinations themselves so that you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge. They point and take you to your chosen luxurious accommodation to relax and then be at your service as your personal guides to the location and sites that they believe will thrill you to the most and which have been personally approved by you.  You will get chance to witness an unmatched on-the-ground expertise with New Vision’s local guides and drivers along the way. What’s more? Our Team is truly friendly, helpful and responsible. They are committed to making a positive impact upon your journeys by offering you helpful advice and information about your travel issues, and keeping an eye on every step along your way to make sure that you will have the most enjoyable holiday ever.


The diversity of destinations


We specialize in touring to a number of fascinating destinations in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.  We know the region like the back of our hands so that we commit to bringing you the most enjoyable experience in every part of this world’s relatively unexplored sites.


Best prices


We are a tour operator squeezing suppliers for the best deals and we work directly with you. Obviously, when you deal with us, you cut out all middlemen. Therefore, we guarantee you the best price offering you a great value for your money.


Fantastic journey


Our clients do not rush to a single destination. On our tours, the journey to each destination with time to stop at amazingly interesting sights along the way is a part of the pleasure. The joy of discovering hidden treasures is the goal, not simply arriving at a destination.


24/7 support


It’s our duty to ensure that you get everything you want from your tour of Indochina. That is the reason why we are available 24/7 for your inquiries. You can contact us via phone, fax, and email at any time and we provide you all the information you need with a sense of responsibility.


You can book in advance for a peace of mind


As a specialist tour operator in Vietnam, we have all the tools at our disposal to build your perfect holiday, so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. We take care of the logistics and organization of the tour so that you can focus on experiencing the beauty and culture of your host country. Once a booking is confirmed, every client is assigned to a regional specialist who oversees the planning of the tour from the start to the end. You will receive a detailed itinerary containing information on all destinations, routes and lodgings. And all what you need to do is just to get ready for your wonderful adventure.


All in one place


With only one email, all aspects of the tour such as local guides, accommodation, flights, rental transportations, other travel services can be booked from a single source - New Vision Tour.

Call us anytime at +84. 9 04 27 37 34 or email us at to plan your next vacation.