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If you're particularly enthusiastic about quality textiles, clothes and handicrafts, shopping in Hanoi will not disappoint. The city also has a good range of day and night markets, both indoors and outdoors and you'll find that night markets are more of a social than shopping occasion but that ...
In Ho Chi Minh City the traffic is always crowded but very convenient. The city is the main junction for trains, roads, water, and air transportation systems for domestic trips and for foreign destination
Hue and its people are relaxed and it's easy to unwind here. This makes it one of the most attractive destinations in the country.
Most visitors to Vietnam are impressed by the great beauty of the country’s natural settings: the Red River Delta in the North, the Mekong Delta in the South and almost the entire coastal strip is a patchwork of brilliant green rice paddies tended by women in conical hats.
The closet international airport is Noi Bai Airport which is located 40 km from Hanoi. There is a highway from the airport into the city, making it easily accessible.