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Vietnam’s landscape is a source of endless fascination, with a huge variety of climate and scenery ranging from long beaches and endless rice paddy to the cool mountains of the Central Highlands.
Phu Quoc Island has long become an attractive destination in Vietnam, not only to domestic but also to foreign tourists.
Cát Bà National Park is an important national park in northern Vietnam. Cát Bà is situated in Ha Long Bay, is administered by the city of Hai Phong, and belongs to the Cát Hải District of Hai Phong.
Though there are limited options for shopping in Ha Long Bay, what is actually available can be very interesting. Try the night market at Bai Chay Town.
Ho Chi Minh is probably the most popular leader of Vietnam and known to his people as ‘Uncle Ho’. His body is preserved here in a glass case at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in central Hanoi (albeit against his wishes).
Vietnam’s street food is some of the best in the world. The options are endless and the dishes timeless. Even simply simplest fruit dish or baguette has a twist in this country.
Ham Rong Mountain, which is situated in the center of Sapa town, is a remarkable tourist attraction.
If you have a chance to visit Ninh Binh and experience the ell vermicelli, you will realize that the most delicious ell vermicelli is that of Mrs. Phan, whose family has a long-standing tradition of producing this dish.
Cao Lau is the foremost traditional food in Hoi An. Visitors to Hoi An always remember Cao Lau, which was considered by the Quang Nam people as a special symbol representing Hoi An.
Bach Ma National Park is situated in the central Annamite Mountains. The national park lies on a high mountain ridge that runs west-east from the Laotian border to the East Sea at the Hai Van pass.