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Da Nang Cuisines

If you want the truly original dish of Da Nang, this must be it. "Mì" means noodles and "Quảng" here stands for the province Quang Nam.

Mi Quang


If you want the truly original dish of Da Nang, this must be it. "Mì" means noodles and "Quảng" here stands for the province Quang Nam. Well, before you get confused, Da Nang used to be a part of Quang Nam in the past (called "Quang Nam - Da Nang" province) until 1997 when it was separated and became one of the five independent municipalities in Vietnam.


There are many types of Mi Quang, ranging from the basic ones such as pork & shrimp or chicken, to more special ingredients like snakehead fish, eel or jellyfish. A bowl of Mi Quang contains a rich layer of vegetables at the bottom, followed by noodles and a fair amount of broth. Unlike many other Vietnamese noodle soup bowls which are usually covered completely by their broths, Mi Quang broth is added just enough to barely soak the noodles. Last but not least, Mi Quang cannot go without the toppings of crushed roasted peanuts, rice crackers, herbs, lemons, and chili. 


Jelly Fish Salad


In the summer, tourists will have opportunity to enjoy jelly-fish salad. This is strange dish that is suitable in the hot season, just delicious and cheap. Jelly fish contains 95 percentage of water.


The jellyfish are cut into small pieces, washed in cold boiled water, and then mixed with cooked chicken or thin slices of pork, boiled eggs, chili, unripe mango, ground peanuts and mints. Ear jellyfish salad must be prepared by skillful hands. They are put in a bowl in layers until dry. Then they are covered by ground peanuts, thin slices of plantain, unripe mangoes, chili, mint and savory leaves. Now we have a delicious jellyfish salad. Jelly fish salad can use with rice of “banh trang gao”, ginger sauce and wine. Now, this dish has in the menu of some restaurant as specialty.


Da Nang Beo Cake


The locals like the traditional cake on snack “banh beo” is made simply: powdered rice soaked into water for several minutes to have liquid, then, mix with a little grease and pour into small cups. Enjoying “banh beo” properly is in each small cup, not in the bowl or plate as some restaurant, hotels. The delicious “banh beo” is thanks to the shrimp, especially the sauce. Firstly, “nuoc mam” mixes with grease, sugar, garlic, chili and shrimp which create the unique flavor. When eating “banh beo”, people not use chopsticks but small bamboo stick. It is great when using it with spicy sauce. The sweetness of shrimp mixed with the flavor of garlic, chili… gives us unforgettable impressions.


Bun Cha Ca


Bun Cha Ca is a famous morning dish in Da Nang. Its main ingredient is poached or grilled ground fish, and the broth is made from tomato, pineapple, pumpkin, bamboo shoot and other herbs.


Bún chả cá is well-known and distinctive in Central Vietnam where fishery is one of the most vital professions of the local people. The fish are thus always fresh and best in quality. Made from different kinds of fruits and herbs, Bún chả cá is tasty and nutritious at a low price. So what more can you ask for!


Nam O Raw Fish Salad


Nam O raw fish salad is a famous dish in Da Nang. The fish to process this dish are sardine, anchovy… The most delicious and suitable is bream because of sweet flavor. Bream is the source for this salad; big bream are divided into two pieces and then mixed with ginger, garlic and "thinh".