HaLong Bay - visitors will certainly have memorable moments in your life

HaLong Bay is a place in which we should visit once in your life to admire the sculpture of nature that Creator has bestowed

Cruise in HaLong Bay looks like lively picture. HaLong Bay in VietNam owns the beauty of world wonder. According to the legend, HaLong Bay is surrounded by many islands as pearls released by dragon. Therefore, it attracts many tourists coming here to both explore the legend and admire the majestic beauty. Here are some famous places such as Hon Trong Mai, Hon Con Coc, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Soi Sim Islet…     


First off, visitors should visit Soi Sim Islet. Soi Sim is an small island which is located in the west of Ha Long Bay.  It's about 12 kilometers far from Bai Chay tourist wharf and about 700 meters from Ti Top Island. This is a land - island with two peaks around 100 meters high, a dimple in the middle, and slopped to the southwest.

Halong bay in VietNam
                                                  Fishing boats of fishermen on Halong bay

Talking about the name “Soi Sim”, the local people said that in the past, the major plant on the island was Rhodomyrtus tomentosa that is called “sim” in Vietnamese. Therefore, the island was named after that plant, “Soi Sim”.

Soi Sim Island has an area of 8.7 ha. On the island, there are two 200-meter hills covered by a green primeval forest. This primeval forest is home to many species of flora, especially endemic plants. According to the researchers, the reason Soi Sim has many endemic species is that this island has formed hundreds of millions of years ago, then was surrounded by sea. The local people said that previously there were many myrtle grew on the island, then it was named as Soi Sim.

Cruise in Halong bay VietNam

            Visitors swim at Soi Sim beach

Coming to Soi Sim Island, tourists will be impressed by peaceful ambiance and natural beauty of green primeval forest and blue sea. There are two charming beaches on the island with the stretch of white sand and clear seawater. These are the preferred beaches of tourists on the holiday on HaLong Bay. Moreover, from the top of the hills on Soi Sim Island, tourists will have great views to the spectacular scenery of Ha Long Bay Cruise.

One of the best places that Visitors should have pay a visit is Thien Cung Cave and it is certain that you will never forget its magnificence.


Thien Cung Cave

Located about 100m in the northern of Dau Go island, Thien Cung Grotto is  a large cave with well-known beauty of HaLong Bay. It is one of the most recently discovered caves in the bay, but that certainly does not make its interior any less impressive. In addition to the countless stalactites that hang from the high ceiling, visitors are often struck by the breathtaking artwork create by the hands of time.